Whether working, playing, seeking to make their mark on the planet or exploring their own neighborhood, the three fun-loving hosts of Hey, World! 你好世界!  share their unique American perspective in both English and Mandarin Chinese on YouTube

Hey, World! 你好世界!


Vaughn 展望, Xander 展涛 and Quinn 可馨
The Hosts Of Hey, World! • 你好世界!


The English AND Mandarin Chinese YouTube Channel series takes viewers around the world and into the household of a fun-loving American family. Join dad, mom and the kids as they work hard and play hard. Their busy lives feature full-time Mandarin immersion at school, travel to Europe and Asia and a packed schedule of music, sports, math and random pandemonium at home. Subscribe today to Hey, World! on YouTube and never miss out on the action!

Hey, World!  •  你好世界!

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